The research cluster of signal processing and the Internet of Things, with more than a year in the field of applied research and believing that the main sources of capital of any country is its researcher's manpower, has attracted and developed highly skilled and hard-working people as a leader in their strategies. . To join us, you can refer to the Job Opportunities tab in this section and, if you are eligible to submit a job application, complete and submit the relevant form. Resumes are posted to the Resume Bank and will be reviewed in accordance with the cooperation needs. After initial evaluation, you will be contacted based on organizational procedures.

Qualifying Conditions


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Career Opportunities

The Signal Processing and Research Internet Cluster as one of the most respected research centers in the field of applied research and signal processing, has provided a very good environment for adoring young and elite talents. If you have the expertise and experience in the field of signal processing and the Internet, you can complete and submit the following forms, after the necessary examinations will be contacted. (Resumes of Residents of Isfahan and Suburbs will be arranged. )

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